Square Foot Gardening Kit

The Bio-Tower is a vertical hydroponic garden that combines the fast growth from hydroponics with the high yield and efficiency of growing vertical. The Square Foot Gardening Kit allows you to multiply your harvest in much less space. One key benefit of the Bio-Tower system is the small amount of space needed to grow such a beautiful, wide variety of your favorite fruits and vegetables. For you very own Square Foot Gardening Kit click here to Learn More…

Magic Tower Garden - Two Tower Automatic Garden SystemPlants in a traditional garden must use their energy to absorb nutrients from the soil. Plants in a hydroponic garden however, absorb all of the nutrients needed from the mineral-enriched water. This method of feeding allows the plants to direct all of their energy into growing bigger, faster and healthier.

The MagicTower Garden is elevated several feet of the ground, which allows you to garden from a natural, standing position. This is especially helpful for those who can’t or don’t want the tedious strain of constantly bending over. The BioTower’s elevation also provides a natural pest deterrent for most animals that plague our gardens.

The BioTower has a swivel that allows the containers to spin freely. Having the ability to spin makes planting and harvesting much easier. It’s also great for distributing light evenly in areas with less sunshine.


We have two different gardening systems, each of which is geared towards complimenting your lifestyle. The manual Bio-Tower is our economical, user-friendly model. For many folks just getting into gardening, hand-feeding is an easier first step. The automatic Bio-Tower requires less attention for those people on the go.

Plant Feeding

Feeding your plants is a simple process. We manufacture our very own nutrients for the Bio-Tower, called Bio-Nectar. Bio-Nectar has been specifically designed to provide superior nutrition for a variety of vegetables, herbs, and fruits. Simply add one teaspoon to a gallon of water for vigorous growth during all growth cycles.

Vertical Tower Garden

The Containers

Our unique growing containers have insulative properties, allowing you to start your spring garden earlier and extend your fall season later.

The growing medium supplied with your growing system is comprised of 100 percent organic coco coir and perlite, both of which are known for their long-lasting use.

Growing your own local, fresh produce has never been easier.

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